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Your beloved pets deserve top notch food too, which is why Cesar Canine Cuisine has developed the Cesar Gourmet Filets line of dog foods. This canned dog food is made to give dogs a chance to enjoy gourmet steaks in various flavours. The question however is does Cesar Gourmet Filets dog food nutrition give dogs all the necessary nutrients and energy that they need to become healthy, happy dogs? Will this dog food allow your canine best friends to thrive? After taking a look, we have given this dog food three out of five stars. Read this review to find out about the Cesar Gourmet Filets dog food ingredients and formula. To help take good care of your fur babies, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via ufabet168sUFABETสมัครฟรี เว็บพนันบอลที่ดีที่สุด.

History of Cesar Gourmet Filets Dog Food

Not much is said about this dog food, except that it is formulated in order to give dogs delicious and tempting meals while at the same time providing them with the nutrition that they need. Cesar Canine Cuisine is a company that is also devoted to helping out organizations that care for the welfare of animals. This line of dog food has eight variants or “flavors”, all of which seem to be gourmet formulations. This review will focus on Cesar Gourmet Filets New York Strip Flavor.

Cesar Gourmet Filets Dog Food Ingredients

The ingredients list of this dog food is rather short, where good ingredients are mixed with questionable (if not bad) ingredients. The 1st listed ingredient is water in an amount just enough to process the food for canning. Following water is chicken, which appears to be one of the main sources of protein in this dog food. Liver follows, which is a good addition—but it could have been better if the species was named so we would be better capable to judge the quality. Beef is another ingredient, seemingly another source of protein. And after this, meat by-products are added in, likely to boost the protein content. However, the species is again not named. Not to mention, by-products are leftovers from the slaughtering process, which means that they are pretty much any part that is not fit for human consumption.

A controversial ingredient comes in wheat gluten, which may add more protein at the expense of making some dogs that are sensitive to gluten have negative reactions to this food. Starch is added, most likely to thicken the formula. Pea fiber adds some trace amounts of protein while at the same time helping the digestive process with fibre. We are disappointed to see that colour has been added to this dog food—what for? Also, the minerals in this formula do not seem to be chelated.

Notable Ingredients




Meat by-products

Wheat gluten


Pea fiber

Colour additives

Cesar Gourmet Filets Dog Food Coupons

If you worry that the Cesar Gourmet Filets dog food price will be too pricey for your budget, you can make it more affordable. Just get some coupons for Cesar Gourmet Filets Dog food.

Cesar Gourmet Filets Dog Food Review and Rating

Although there are certainly several ingredients on this list that makes us think this dog food warrants a lower rating, we still gave it a three star rating because it contains a seemingly generous amount of meat. It is also notable that it has an above average protein content, around average fat and a lower amount of carbohydrates. We recommend.