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Enjoyable cocktails should be visually appealing as well as tasty. Consider adding a fun garnish or creative element to your drinks for a party.

This could mean adding some foam to your cocktail, a smoked rim like this bourbon-based drink or a smoky aromatic garnish to this gin and tomato drink.

Many of these drinks require only three main ingredients. These are classic cocktails and they are great to have on hand for guests.

Sweet & Sour

Sweet and Sour cocktails are a mix of sweet and sour flavors, such as lemon or vinegar. These cocktails are commonly enjoyed during a variety of occasions, from family brunches to professional dinners. Many of these recipes combine a spirit, lime or lemon juice and simple sugar to create a perfect balance. You can adjust the sweetness and sourness to your taste in order to make these drinks more appealing.

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Premade sweet and sour mix can be purchased from most liquor stores or online. It is very easy to make your own sweet and sour mix. It is also healthier and better tasting than bottled sour mix, which can be full of added sugar.

Sweet and sour mixture is typically made using equal parts of lime and lemon juice, mixed with simple sugar syrup to create a yellowish-green liquid with pronounced flavors. Some recipes also include egg whites to make the mixture slightly foamy. This liquid is then used to make sour cocktails, such as the vodka sour or whiskey sour. Add liqueurs to these cocktails to enhance the sweet and sour flavors.

Add one cup sugar to one cup water and you have a homemade sweet and sour mixture. Stir until the sugar dissolves, and then let it cool. Once the mixture is cooled, add 1 cup of freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice. Store the liquids in a clean, airtight container and refrigerate. It can last up to a week, but can be frozen for longer storage. It is also possible to purchase premade sweet and sour mix from most liquor stores, although this can have added sugar.


Mixologists love them because they add layers of flavor and don’t mask the base spirits. Some are made with a single type of ingredient like fruit, herbs or spices and others are blends that come together to create unique flavors. Liqueurs can be used to amplify or highlight the flavors of a cocktail, or they can be used as a sweetener to offset the bitterness of some base spirits.

They can be enjoyed in a range of cocktails, but are often used as an aperitif before a meal or as the base ingredient in more exotic drinks. The variety of liqueur flavours allows bartenders the ability to create cocktails that suit any taste or culture. They can also be used to create drinks for special occasions and holidays.

A liqueur (alcoholic drink) is made from spirits, usually rectified spirit, and additional ingredients like sugar, fruits, herbs, or spice. They are usually heavily sweetened and un-aged after a brief resting period in production. Their alcohol content is also very high. The term liqueur comes from the French word for “liquor.”

There are many types of liqueurs. Some are brand names and use exclusive recipes, while others are a signature flavor produced by several companies. Some liqueurs are cream liqueurs such as Bailey’s Irish Cream or RumChata that combine dairy and spirits. Others are creme de cacao or creme de menthe, which are sweeter than most other liqueurs.

Many liqueurs are also considered cordials, which were first created as medicinal drinks by alchemists and monks. They are made from herbs, oils, seeds, or flowers steeped with distilled alcohol in order to treat various ailments.

As the health consciousness of adults continues to rise, some liqueurs are moving towards a more natural, low-sugar product. It is likely that you will see more and more products on the market with less added sugar as well as a larger number of options that cater to those with dietary restrictions.


Fruits can be added to any cocktail for a refreshing twist. Fresh fruit is a natural sweetness and has a variety of flavors that are pleasing to the palate. Fruity cocktails are popular because of their vibrant colors and medley of flavors. Their glistening sugar syrups can make them visually appealing.

Fruit cocktails make a great choice for parties, thanks to their visual appeal and easy preparation. They can be customized to suit a tropical theme or a holiday. When making a fruity cocktail, it is important to choose the ripest and freshest fruits. It is best to avoid under-ripe or over-ripe fruit because they will not be as juicy and may become mushy after being cooked in liquid.

It is also important to note that the type of liquid used in a fruit cocktail will affect its nutritional value. A fruit cocktail made with natural juice, for example, will have fewer calories than one made with light syrup or heavy sugar syrup. Alcohol will increase the calorie count of any drink.

Some people may be turned off of fruit cocktail because it looks like kid food. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is important to keep in mind that a good drink can be enjoyed by anyone. Some people prefer to add more liqueurs and spirits to their fruity cocktail to make it more adult.

The easiest way to create a fruity cocktail is to muddle or smash up fresh, ripe fruit in the bottom of a glass and then add desired spirit, liqueurs or extracts. If the drink will be served chilled, you can strain or leave it unstrained depending on your personal preference.

Spices & Bitters

Bitters, a popular cocktail ingredient, adds complexity to alcohol drink mixes. They are essential for both new and seasoned bartenders. Bitters are a mix of botanicals, spices, roots, and other ingredients steeped with a spirit base. They can be added to drinks as drops or dashes. Bitters can be used to enhance certain flavors, soften others and even bring disparate ingredients into harmony. They also work great for creating an aroma and flavor, especially in a cold beverage.

Making your own bitters is easy and a fun way to impress your friends. It’s a little time-consuming but mostly hands off. Start by combining your chosen ingredients in a jar and adding a high-proof alcohol. Then let it sit for a week or two, shaking the mixture daily to ensure the bitters are well infused. Once you are ready to make a drink, strain the solids and the liquid into a clean jar and store in a dark place.

Some of the ingredients that are commonly used to make bitters include baking spices such as cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg, citrus, lavender, chamomile and pine, eucalyptus and birch. Other botanicals like gentian, cinchona, devil’s clubs, mugworts, orris roots, orange peels, rhubarb roots, sarsaparillas, wild cherry barks, and wormwoods are also used.

Using whole ingredients is best, as they will release more flavor. Chop them or coarsely break them to make it easier to strain. It is best to make multiple batches of this step as you will need many ingredients.

Once you’ve got a set of good bitters, try them in cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. Remember that a few dashes can pack a punch. You can start with a little and add more as needed. Try adding a few dashes to your drinks. They will become something new and exciting.