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We all love food as people nowadays are foodies, which is why numerous new cuisines are being introduced to the world. One of the most cuisines is evolved in Korea, as this is where the tastes can be smelled in the aura. Korean food is considered the tastiest and yummiest food, which is filled with different flavors and is embedded with thousands of years of culture. Earn the money to treat yourself with some good Korean food by playing simple and interactive betting games at www.ufabet168.info/เว็บพนัน-ufabet-กีฬาระดับโลก/.

But still, there are several more things that you need to know about Korean food so that you can get to see why it is so delicious? At the following points, we have described the facts that every one of us should regarding Korean cuisines/meals. So let’s check them out and unveil more information regarding the Korean meals/cuisines. Have a look:-

Specific facts that you need to know about the Korean cuisines:-

  • Multiple types of kimchi:-

One of Korea’s most popular dishes have numerous surprises in it, and some of them are having more than one of kimchi. There are several varieties of kimchi available, which makes it cross the number of hundreds. The best part is it is so fun to make, and this is how you can get to know why it is considered as the national dish of South Korea. No matter which meal it is, people prefer having kimchi in their meal as, without it, their meal is incomplete.

  • Royal cuisines in temple food:-

Some of the menu items found in royal cuisines can be readily available in the temples. This is due to the kitchen maids who are working there for so long, and they have taken the retire from the palace and start working at the temples. This is how the royal cuisines of the palace are available there in the menu of the temple. Some royal cuisines of the temple menu are having bibimbap, which is also known as the goldongban, japchae – the dish of stir-fried vegetables and mushrooms, etc.

  • Pay taxes via rice:-

Rice has always been considered as the fundamental in Korea as it is available in each and every single kitchen present there. This is why the value of rice has become high, which was once used to pay currency, and people have paid taxes with it. All of these things have taken place during the three kingdom period. The rice was always seen as the royal and luxury dish in Korea, and the farmers who produce it they can’t eat it.

  • World’s largest garlic consumer:-

Each and every single Korean dish is having garlic in it, yet no dish has been seen without garlic in Korea. The garlic is being used in the soups, and it is served raw along with the grilling meats in marinades, along with some drinks as well. Data is available that shows that Korea has an average of 7.6 kilograms per capita from 2011 to 2017. But later on, it has recorded the highest number in 2013 with 8.9 kilograms.