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Everyone wants to know the secret behind the delicious foods that are served at Indian restaurants. Most of us feel reluctant to try all the recipes at home. Let’s have a look at the best Indian-style food recipes that is very easy to make at home. With all these home recipes you can recreate those entire Indian restaurants to favorites without step out. These are perfect when you are trying to win sports betting matches via UFABET. These restaurant-style Indian dishes do not need any kind of specialized cooking skills. All you need to follow these best Indian food recipes-

Paneer Pasanda

Paneer Pasanda is one of the most popular vegetarian Indian dishes that is served in restaurants. It has a rich Paneer Gravy that is loved by everyone and everyone who tastes it for the first time loves to prepare it at home.

Dal makhani

Now you are surprised to know that it is very easy to prepare at a restaurant or you can also prepare Dal Makhani at home. One among the best dishes that you prepared at home as well as it is not overly loaded with artificial flavors and cream. Dal makhani recipe is perfectly creamy and you can taste Dal without spending hours. One can serve Dal Makhani with none as well as lachha paratha into having a complete Punjabi-style meal.

Butter chicken

There are no words to say about the Indian restaurant food is completed without butter chicken. All the butter chicken lovers have a foolproof Butter Chicken recipe under the sleeves. What you love most about the butter chicken recipe that it is ready in just 30 minutes? Let’s check out the list of ingredients that you need to follow as well as you have to also focus on the right cooking methods that do not need a lot of time. Don’t forget to prepare mutton butter chicken with Naan.

Kadai paneer

One among the most popular disease is in Kadai Paneer that you can order at any Punjabi restaurant. Kadai Paneer is full of compliments as well as flavors that you can try with different kinds of Indian bread. It is one of the best recipes that are quite straightforward and it is very easy to make at home.

Pineapple raita

Sweet Pineapple raita is one of the most common conditions that is served with Indian foods at a restaurant. Pineapple raita helps to cool down the heat of spices. It is a kind of soothing change for the taste that everyone would love to eat. As well, it becomes very easier to start making pineapple right at home all you can eat every day.


Naan is a kind of product that is made up of Spicy meat curries as well as vegetarian dishes. There are no Indian dishes complete at a restaurant without Naan. To make Naan soft and bouncy hair at home there is not a big deal as well as you have to choose the best recipe.

I hope you can understand how to make all these dishes at home as well you better know about creating these recipes.