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Over the decades, Japanese food is famous throughout the world. It contains some of the most delicious and tasty cuisines. The traditional food of Japan is generally made up of rice and served with miso soup. Several side dishes include fish, cooked vegetables, rice, and seasonal ingredients.

A large percentage of Japanese food comes under the category of seafood. This is because of a lack of agricultural land and the availability of a large ocean. Some of the typical seafood dishes are sushi and sashimi. Making of seafood contains deep frying in the light batter. Moving further in the article, let’s introduce you to some of the famous Japanese dishes.

  • Sushi

It is the well-recognized dish of japan that is famous all over the world. It is the first dish that is exported to any other country. The dish is mainly made up of rice and vinegar. It further comes in various varieties that include nigiri sushi, steamed rice with the single slice of fried fish, makizushi, steamed rice with rolled fillings, inarizushi, and sushi rice seasoned fried tofu, etc. Basically, all dishes contain rice with a variety of vegetables and seafood.

  • Tofu

It is a popular vegetarian dish in Japan. The dish is quite famous in south Asian countries and also enjoyed in western countries. The dish is made up of soy milk that is coagulated, and the final curd is pressed into blocks. It comes in various levels of firmness, and one can also eat it without cooking. To garnish the dish, generally boiled pots and aburaage pieces are used.

  • Udon

The dish is ubiquitous in Japan and comes under the category of noodle dishes. The noodles are chewy and thick that is made up of wheat and brine water. The dish is one of the three common noodle dishes that is liked by Japanese people. The dish is served in various ways that include the addition of hot pots, filled with stir-fries and with tentsuyu soup. Mostly it is served with soup and provides a traditional look Japanese culture.

  • Sashimi

The dish is made up of raw meat or fishes and served with pickled ginger, daikon radish, and soy sauce. It contains thin slices of meat and fishes. The dish is different from sushi, as it does not include steamed rice. The dish should be made with a fresh dish and don’t even serve it with rice.

  • Yakitori

It is the barbecued chicken dish that is served as starters in Japan. The dish contains small-sized chicken pieces that are seasoned with sauce and rice. After the exposure of heat, the dish is kept for some time. Further, it comes in different varieties that include Momo, Negima, and Tsukuba.

Moving further, these are some most popular Japanese foods that are completely healthy and delicious.  Make sure that you are finding restaurants that will able to offer these dishes. If you are planning to visit Japan then a person should consume these dishes.