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Dinner is the most important meal of the day as it has to do a lot with your health, digestion, and immune system. You must choose the recipes that are gut-friendly and make you feel full at night.

Indian recipes are great not only in flavor but also in nutritional value. We are here listing out the top five Indian dinner recipes for good digestion and make you feel at night. If you want to stay but don’t want to give up on taste, consider reading the details mentioned below.

Top 5 Indian recipes for good digestion!

  • Grilled tofu tikka: you surely don’t have to give up on taste when it comes to Indian dinner recipes. Tofu has several anti-inflammatories, antioxidant phytochemicals, and healthy options to consume. It is a great source of fiber, magnesium, iron, copper, potassium, and manganese and boosts good health. It is easy to make the recipe and your favorite veggies to make it a more even more healthy option.
  • Bengali five-spice and split peas: Bengali five-spice and split peas with vegetable stir fry dinner recipe can be great to consume a healthy diet. You can add different fresh veggies and Indian spices to make it more fun and tasty to consume. Additionally, split peas offer protein, zinc, protein, and phosphorous can be the source or rich diet. You can control bad cholesterol, hypertension, and the risk of several diseases easily.
  • Turmeric coconut rice: this turmeric flavored coconut rice is a great thing to consume as it is gut-friendly. To add flavors, consider adding fresh veggies of your choice and get a delicious meal within minutes. The fiber amount in coconut rice is 13.6gm, and a high lauric acid content of coconut that boosts good cholesterol in your body. It is a great recipe for people with diabetics as it can lower the raise blood sugar levels.
  • Sambharo: salad is the ideal dinner recipe that is great for digestion and overall health. No longer you have to get boring salad recipe; instead, choose for Indian spiced carrot and cabbage salad that is great in taste and light so good for digestion. You can serve it cold and consume a fresh meal that is rich in vitamins a and c. Also, it is good to balance out your negative thoughts due to several health benefits.
  • Mushroom Matar sauté: when feeling ravenous, mushroom matar sauté is the perfect option to choose for yourself. It is rich in taste and fresh to consume with onion, peas, and mushrooms that can become your perfect dinner dish with optimal spice. Mushroom is great for prevention from damaging radicals that can cause heart diseases and cancer. It is rich in antioxidants and boosts your immune system.

So, these are some of the great options of Indian dinner recipes that you can try for great digestion and rich flavors. You can try each one of the lists as all is great in taste and offers several health benefits.